Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy of D and J Underwood Limited. We will apply the standards below in all our dealings with you.

What personal data is collected

If you give us or we hold your personal information, this indicates that you consent to our using it, and we will treat it in accordance with this policy. We respect your privacy and the choices you make about how you want us to contact you. We collect the following types of information:

Personal Identifying Information

We collect personal contact information such as your name, address, vehicle make, model and number plate, company name and address, contact details including your e-mail address, employer details, and position.

Account Information

This includes shipping and billing information. We may also record any preferences you have, such as MOT renewal dates, products or parts regularly ordered and terms of payment. With this information, we can better meet your expectations and requirements to provide you with a comprehensive service.


We maintain records about the products and services you have requested and/or been supplied with. This will include any information procured for transactions which are done by telephone, e-mail or fax, etc and will include invoices and credit card receipts.

Email correspondence and Telephone

Your e-mail address and telephone number may be used to raise and respond to issues and enquiries of all types, booking in, invoicing, outstanding payment queries and to keep in contact with you regarding your vehicle.

How your personal data is used

We use your personal information to manage any contract between us and to provide the goods or services ordered.

We may need to provide it to others to help us to provide or deliver the goods or services, such as a vehicle parts supplier. We may also share your information with the company of Richard Mitchell (vehicle body shop repair services) where you have engaged the services of both firms for remedial work to your vehicle.

We may also need to provide it to other firms who provide us with services such as the company’s Accountant or an IT management firm to keep our systems running.

We will only use your personal data for the purposes of a continued service provision. This includes the generation of invoices, pursuance of outstanding payments, contacting you regarding your vehicle for booking in/collection and any queries we may have.

Additional Uses

We may use your contact details to inform you of any changes to our terms and conditions including to this Privacy Policy.

If after we post or provide notification of changes you continue to use our services, this indicates acceptance of the new terms.

Who we share your personal data with

We share your data with those internal and external parties we refer to above and for the purposes set out.

Where we share your personal data with others who provide us with services for our business, we will make it a requirement that they have in place appropriate security measures to protect your personal data.

Disclosures required by law

Occasionally, we may be required by law enforcement, government contract administrators, and/or judicial authorities to provide personally identifiable information to the appropriate governmental or regulatory authorities under applicable law or regulation.

We will disclose personally identifiable information upon receipt of a court order, or if required to co-operate with law enforcement investigations. We reserve the right to report to law enforcement agencies any activities that we in good faith believe to be unlawful to the extent permitted by law.

Defend our interests

We may disclose your Personal Data acting reasonably if we believe such action is necessary, for example, to protect and defend our rights or property, or to protect the interests of our customers.


Without limiting the above, we may disclose your Personal Data acting reasonably in the following circumstances:

(a) to any debt collection agency, credit or fraud monitoring scheme, security agency, or provider of any information relating to you including your personal financial information and details of how you have performed in meeting any obligations you have to us;

(b) to any party we have a commercial relationship for accounting and auditing. In the event we do disclose information under this provision, it shall only be disclosed as permitted within this policy or as otherwise required by law;

(d) any disclosure as permitted under current UK data protection law; and

(e) to any bank, credit card operator or other payment processor for the purpose of setting up a payment authority.

Retention and Security of your personal data

We only keep your personal data as long as there is a legitimate business or legal requirement to do so.

We may remove information when it becomes out of date or inaccurate or when properly requested by you (subject to any legal duty we may have to preserve it). We destroy it using secure or certified methods of destruction when no longer needed.

We have put in place procedures and other security appropriate to protect the personal information you share with us.

Where we share your data with others, they will only use it according to our express instructions and only when they have appropriate security measures in place.

We do not knowingly collect personal information of anyone under the age of 17 years.

Our cookies do not collect any personal data they just allow us to track which webpages are visited so we can improve the usefulness of the website.

Your rights and choices

You have a right to access your personal data by contacting us as shown below.

You can correct your personally identifiable information yourself by contacting us with a request for your change.

You may ask to have the information on your account deleted or removed; however, because we keep track of certain transaction information, such as past purchases, and other similar information, for legal compliance purposes (including company bookkeeping), we may not be able to delete certain information. If information we hold appears to be inaccurate we will block its use until the position is verified to our satisfaction.

If you have any questions relating to this Privacy Policy or relating to the transfer of your personal data, please contact us.

If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please do not provide us with your information. We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy from time to time at our absolute discretion. We will post a link to any amended policy on each email or correspondence we have with you.

Contact us

You can contact us for any purpose relating to this Privacy Policy and our uses of your data by contacting us by email to or by writing to us at the following address:

31 Pillings Road, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6QF

Telephone number: 01572 771654

D & J Underwood Ltd, 31 Pillings Road, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6QF

Privacy Policy